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Our Story

We Believe In The Journey



Behind The Name



By definition, embark means to begin a course of action, especially one that is important or demanding. We know that everyone embarks on their own journey in life, filled with obstacles that try to prevent you from getting to where you need to go. Here at Embark, we are about the drive, the fight, and the passion it takes to persevere through those obstacles and continue to embark on your journey, getting you closer to your goals.

Our Story

Embarking On Our Journey

Embark Vodka was established in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, FL, the “Venice of America”. A blue-collar worker was inspired by his travels throughout the country when connecting with others to learn their stories while writing his own. He lives his life passionately on the blue water, boating and fishing, but always ending (and sometimes starting) the day with a good cocktail in hand.

The importance of camaraderie, relationships with family and friends, and a life lived passionately is what fuels the meaning behind “Embark”. It was created for easy living, good times and great vibes. It is meant to encourage, motivate and inspire us on our journeys. Here’s a toast to the adventures that make us feel alive. That’s livin’ baby!

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About Our Founder

Taylor Rogers

Taylor Rogers, better known by his friends and family as “TJ”, was born in a small town outside of Boston, MA. From very early on, TJ developed a deep love for all things involving the water,  boating, and fishing. This was his happy place and he dreamed of one day sharing this bliss with his family and friends.

Embark evolved from the founder’s once in a lifetime experiences and travels throughout his twenties. At 21, TJ was given an opportunity to dredge for gold in Alaska and with no hesitation, he jumped on it. From here, his journey expanded all over the US leading him to build beaches in South Florida and serving as a founding member of a startup company in San Diego. Traveling coast to coast refocused TJ back to his love for the water and led to the creation of Embark. Embark Vodka is a bottle of pure bliss to share with others and encourage them to follow their dreams. Where does your journey begin?

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For All Of Those Taking On A New Journey In Life… Embrace It, Conquer It, Embark On It.

Quality Crafted

Our Vodka

Here at Embark, we take great pride in the time and craftsmanship that goes into the production of creating our vodka. Our process starts with a blend of reverse osmosis water and 100% American corn. It is 6x distilled and circulated through a coconut husk charcoal filter system over 30x. Embark Vodka is made in the USA, gluten-free, and contains no GMO’s, carbs or sugar. Neat, straight up, or mixed in a cocktail, share a bottle with your friends and family and taste the pureness of Embark.

Embark vodka is thoroughly circulated 30 times through a coconut husk charcoal filter system to ensure superior quality.

Our vodka is gluten-free, sugar-free and carb-free. There are no impurities and no burn.

We use only the highest & purest quality reverse osmosis water 99.99% for production.

Our vodka is cut from 160proof six times with a two-day resting period in between.


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